Quebec's renewable natural gas Production: a vehicle for energy transition and the economy of Quebec regions

2:15 PM, Wednesday 6 Feb 2019 (30 minutes)

Similarly to countries that are well advanced in their energy transition, including Sweden and Finland, Quebec is focusing on increasing its share of renewable energies, among which a crucial energy, to achieve its greenhouse gas reduction targets: Renewable natural gas (RNG). A recent study reveals that RNG's production potential will be significant by 2030 and could reach 66% of the current consumption of natural gas in Quebec. The economic impact in the regions that will produce RNG is very real. As a lever for the energy transition, RNG will lead to the emergence of projects that bring economic and social benefits to regions and, above all, local production of renewable energy from our industrial or agricultural waste, our household waste or water treatment plants sludge.

Directeur Stratégie et développement GNR